How to Wear The Hermes “My Beautiful India” Deer Scarf

I spent the day in comfortable clothes and comfortable places (warm couch). When I need to be warm and comfy, I turn to   my maxi skirt. To style it up, I decided to wear one of my favorite silk scarves. This scarf is called, My Beautiful India by Hermes. I love the colour, and I really should have posted a picture of it; the art is just devine. There’s a lovely elephant in the middle, and I absolutely love elephants!

Scarves are my favorite way to quickly and effortlessly style up a simple outfit. You can take a casual outfit, to a fashionable, well put together one with a silk scarf. One day soon, I want to post about the many different ways I love wearing/tying them. To top off a lucky day, there was a huge adorable deer lounging in our backyard this afternoon. Absolutely  beautiful animal!

I love these little things that put a small story in our days. With love, N

Silk Scarf - Hermes "My Beautiful India"

Scarf - Hermes; Ring - BCBG; Bracelet - H&M