Inaugural Looks Worth Your Vote

Here I was, so excited to watch President Obama's second inauguration  and then Michelle Obama decides to debut her new hair like OH NO BIG DEAL.   Well it’s a big deal, Michelle. BIG DEAL.

Her bangs were, well, bangin’ and I’m not even a little bit mad about that pun.   Did you see that jacket? That was a rhetorical question because of course you did.   It’s custom Thom Browne with a J.Crew cinched belt and J.Crew fuschia gloves.   I know... J.Crew. You’re all like, "Ugh custom designer coat... She would."   And then you’re like, "WAIT J.Crew? She’s just like the rest of us!"   And then we all hug, laugh and exchange hi-fives.   But really though, those bangs...

Not to be missed were mini-Michelles, Sasha and Malia.   Sasha's coat was from J.Crew and Malia's from Kate Spade.   J.Crew is already retiring Michelle’s belt and Malia’s coat because they’re that sought after.

They’re all so beautiful and so well color-coordinated. I just... I can’t. Moving on.

Beyonce donned a floor length Pucci dress and Lorraine Schwartz emeralds that sparkled as she belted the National Anthem.   It’s not even remotely original to include Beyonce in a best-dressed round up because she transcends fashion.   She's more like an ethereal style fairy put on this planet to keep everyone's ego in check because at the end of the day only Beyonce gets to look like Beyonce.   I digress...

Fast forward to the Inaugural Ball where the infamous Jennifer Hudson performed “Let’s Stay Together” in a form fitting dress that increased Weight Watcher signups that night by 286%.     I mean, she looks good.   Not just good, but GOOOD.   Catch my drift?   I’ll consider it caught.   I’m not the biggest fan of the shoe choice.   The heels were too tall for the length of the dress and cheapened the look.   Footwear was the only sartorial sidestep in this ensemble and it nearly went unnoticed because of all the incredible volume in her upper half.   I'm just talking about her hair.   Am I?   I'm not.

And now to finish where I began: Michelle Obama.   The Jason Wu dress she wore to the Inaugural Ball stunned everyone as she walked down to meet the President for their dance.   I actually think the Secret Service would come after me if I said anything negative about the first lady’s ensemble, so thank god I don’t have to.   She dazzled as they giggled like school children dancing to Hudson’s rendition of the Al Green classic.

But what nearly stopped my heart was the jaw-dropping back of the Wu creation.   Are you sitting down?   Are you?!

The striking v-back was the perfect touch of sex appeal to cap off the first lady's classic look.   The only issue I have with the back of this dress is that it doesn't show off her new bangs.