Mormon Women Rebel, Wear Pants

Wearing slacks to church is apparently frowned upon if you are a Mormon woman. However, a group of "Mo-feminists"   have set out to change that by declaring this Sunday "Wear Pants to Church Day."   In a great article entitled, Heather Wears Pants, a Mormon feminist describes how she first decided to wear a pantsuit to church, despite her fears of being an outcast for it.


Even more important, I remembered how awesome I felt when I donned those sleek business pants at that first conference.   And then I remembered how I felt the first time I wore them to church.   I felt like I’d reclaimed a tiny shard of personal agency and independence.   A tiny piece of power that had once been mine, but that I had somehow ceded to an unnamed person or institution or office. - Heather


Go ladies! Wear your pants with pride! For more information check out the "Wear Pants to Church Day" Facebook page.

(Update: I am told by a Mormon friend that wearing pants is allowed, but it's a very rare sight because it's not culturally the norm. She says it would also be rare for men to be seen at church without a coat and tie.)