Reimagining The Running Shoe

When I made the jump from Portland to San Francisco I was beyond excited to dive head first into a fashion scene that was more diversified than the uniform skinny jean and flannel.   However, when I moved into my Nob Hill apartment I soon learned that my obsession with platform shoes would have to go on the back burner yet again.   To this day, one of the most terrifying, and arguably life threatening experiences was trying to maneuver Nob's steepest declines in 4 inch heels.   But that’s another post for another time.

I turned into a religious walker when I moved to SF, which meant my shoe collection needed to take a spin toward the more functional side of life.   However, when I thought of comfortable shoes I generally thought of clunky, grey sneakers.   There was no way I was putting my ego through that fashion misstep on a daily basis.   This is when my quest for the perfect (or merely a good-looking) sneaker began.   Enter: the diva sneaker.



Bright, minimalist sneakers have shredded the notion that tennis shoes should only be worn for athletic purposes.   My favorite trainers are of the neon variety; a specie of shoe that live to liberate the common tennis shoe.   It’s neon and it’s proud.   So what you’re calling attention to your functional footwear?   Finally, they’re worth looking at.

I have (and love) these Nikes:

Also, these Asics:


Neon tennies are perfect to throw on with cuffed skinny jeans and a neutral boho top for a day look or the ideal shoe to run off to a yoga class in.   And here’s the thing, in these shoes you can actually run.   And it’s my philosophy that if you wear comfortable shoes, you’re more likely to take a walk instead of a ride.   Promote health and style through your footwear.

New Balance trainers  so neon you'll bend over backwards:


So brighten up and get comfortable.   Your diva sneaks are waiting to sass up your feet and give your body a reprieve from otherwise unintelligent footwear.