Inside The Valentino Store Opening

The illustrious house of Valentino teamed up with San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA) to inaugurate San Francisco as a style destination and cultural Mecca by hosting an evening filled with art and fashion. The event took place at the opulent multi-level store on 105 Grant Street where Valentino USA President Wendy Kahn, along with the SFMOMA’s Modern Ball 2014 Chair Christine Lamond, were both in attendance.


Valentino Spring 2014 Runway Show Paris Fashion Week

One might assume that because Fashion and Art have different modalities of presentation and obviously different uses that  the relationship might be somewhat mismatched. But it is the ineffability of style that neatly binds art and fashion together. You cannot create art without style. You cannot create fashion without style. Style is the essence and lifeblood of expression. It is the 'WHAT' one needs to be a real creator.  The mythic mysterious is soaking in certain type of style and that is why we are drawn to it. We want to exist beyond the moment in time, wear something and own something that is infinite.


RTW dress by Valentino worn by Komal Shah


VALENTINO SF Opening To Honor SFMOMA Modern Ball Committee

Valentino store on Grant street in San Francisco

Valentino’s Spring 2014 collection is a work for of art with the most impeccable style. To have the Valentino store in San Francisco moves the city one step closer to the latest expression of art as conceived by the luxury designer. After all, art seems to be far more interesting when it’s worn, whereas art that sits in a museum and can neither can be worn or touched feels separate. Distant. When we have full engagement and intimacy with art, it feels as though we have been transported away from that separation and into some magical realm of beauty.


Valentino Spring 2014 Runway Show Paris Fashion Week

VALENTINO SF Opening To Honor SFMOMA Modern Ball Committee

former SF Mayor Willie Brown attends the Valentino opening

As SFMOMA gets ready for it's gala fundraiser, it will be interesting to see how Art and Fashion intersect once again as San Francisco's fashionista's express themselves. I can't wait to see the Art in action!