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At Lipstick&Politics, we want to make sure you get content that covers both current events...and style! Although we love sharing and writing articles that comment on the politics of today and how pop culture responds to and/or reflects it, we can't forget about the "lipstick" in our name. Makeup is about self-expression, highlighting your best features, and being comfortable with your look. Have fun with your style! Want a lipstick that'll leave a lasting impression? Alyson, from Beauty Vanity, shares:

As one of the biggest trends this year, I’ve got to give NYX props for providing a budget friendly product that actually delivers.

If you liked the NYX Butter Glosses (semi-sheer), the NYX Intense Butter Gloss, like the name states, is a more intense and pigmented version.   It has that similar dessert scent and the same texture that feels so buttery smooth.

Photo Courtesy of Alyson

Photo Courtesy of Alyson

The doe foot applicator has rounded tip, is shaped like a paddle (unlike most which are cylindrical).   I find that the flat slides help to spread the product more evenly across the lips and the rounded tip helps to get around the edges.

Pigmentation and application varied depending on the shade.

For the most part, the brights were  the star shades of this range.   Apple Crisp, Orangesicle, Funnel Delight, Spice Cake, and Berry Strudel were really easy to apply.   The pigmentation was there after 1-2 layers and there wasn’t  any  settling into lip lines…the payoff was even and smooth.   Chocolate Crepe and Toasted Marshmellow applied the same way.

Banana Split and Sorbet settled into the lip lines quickly and I had to work at the layer application.   Too thin and you could see my lip pigmentation and too thick looked too caked on.   I had to settle with my lip lines showing or else it would look too thick on my lips.

Photo Courtesy of Alyson

Photo Courtesy of Alyson

I had high hopes for Black Cherry Tart since I don’t have anything like it in my collection.   The layers didn’t evenly as I wanted (look at my top lip)  but with multiple layers, it was really opaque on the lips.

Unlike matte liquid lipsticks, the NYX Intense Butter Glosses don’t have amazing power (beware of transferring) but when worn with caution and care, they wore on the lips nicely.


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