Lovely Flowers For Your Soul

Many of us relish the weekend after a long work week. We want to relax, take a break, and rejuvenate. In the end, the weekend is not just for a brief break, but it's also preparation for us to take on the next week. Here's a tip for how to better prepared for Monday during a relaxing weekend. Alyson shows us how:

I think Mondays are so hard.  With a week’s to-do list and an inbox full of emails in the back of my mind, sometimes getting out of bed is the hardest part!

Besides a strong cup of coffee, I’ve got an easy solution for curing the Monday blues – flowers!

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Photo courtesy of Alyson

According to a Harvard study, seeing flowers first thing in the morning can boost your mood instantly.  We all know that waking up on the wrong side of the bed can affect your entire day, so why not start it off with something that you know will bring a smile to your face?

Place your flowers in areas of your home that receive the most traffic (for me, that’s the kitchen, living room, and bedroom), and it’ll also affect your family’s and guests’ mood too!

If I could, I’d have flowers all over my home, but as we all know, flowers can get expensive.  A friend told me about the San Francisco Flower Mart, where tons of vendors sell flowers at a lower price than most grocery stores or flower stands.  The visit to the Mart was a bit of treat for me since the San Jose flower markets are closed to the public and I had a bit of “me” time looking at all the beautiful flowers.  Seeing all the colors and different varieties of flowers in one place left me feeling relaxed and inspired!  I could totally see me and my friends making a girl date just to see the flowers.

Although the Flower Mart is open to the public, there’s also a wholesale side and an area where you can buy florist supplies too.  To the public, I’d suggest going in when it first opens at 10 AM to get the best pick.  Parking is available on site for a fee, but be warned, the lot can get full fast and it isn’t the biggest.  Bring some cash (I hear only some vendors accept CC) and walk around before you make your decision.  Prices aren’t listed, so you may be able to barter for prices!

Peonies are one of my favorite flowers and I haven’t been able to get a bouquet all year, so I headed straight to this table to pick out my favorite bunch.

Flower Mart 3

Photo courtesy of Alyson

In the end, I chose this bright pink bouquet of peonies.  I felt special when the vendor wrapped it in this brown paper while everyone else’s was in newspaper.  I think he knew I was going to take pictures of them!

It’s been really warm in the Bay Area but the weather is really unpredictable in SF.  These days, my weekend outfits are made for comfort and this long-sleeved denim blouse was warm enough for this gloomy but humid day.  I basically live in leggings half the year and my faux leather leggings made me feel like I put in some effort haha.

I also can’t forget about these lace-up sandals that I’ve been wearing non-stop!  Super comfy and stylish and they remind me of more expensive sandals for more than 4x the price.

I hope all of you have a restful weekend and are ready to tackle the next week!


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