Mindy Kaling On Elle Cover: Did They Crop Her Photo Because She’s Too Fat?

I applaud Elle magazine for celebrating women in TV. Especially this year when they are featuring two of my favorite television powerhouses, Mindy Kaling and Amy Poehler.   There is, however,   a bit of a controversy over the four different cover images for this year's women in television issue. Poehler, Zoey Deschanel and Allison Williams all appear on their respective covers in color, full body shots while the image of Kaling is cropped higher and is in black and white.   Is this because the editors of Elle think that Kaling, reportedly a size 8, is too fat? Some people have even suggested that putting the Indian-American in black and white is a racist move. I'm more inclined to believe the former rather than the latter.   For her part, Kaling doesn't seem so concerned. She tweeted,  "I love my @ELLEmagazine cover. It made me feel glamorous & cool. And if anyone wants to see more of my body, go on thirteen dates with me."

What do you think? Is this a tempest in a teapot or was Kaling's photo cropped because she's not as skinny as the other women?