New Years Resolutions

No matter how you celebrate, New Years represents a time where you can wipe your slate clean and in some respect, start fresh. Another chance to begin a year filled with new goals, new perspectives, welcome personal growth, and create memories you only dreamed of in previous years. Today we call this the New Years Resolution starting January 1st. If you’re someone like me and don’t even know where to start, here are a few ideas!

For the business minded…

1) Improve your presentation skills — presentation skills are one of the most useful skills you can learn. Knowing how to get your message across while keeping them interested and staying confident can get you far.

2) Resolve to read a book a month — knowledge is infinite. Books carry tools, stories and messages. Vast knowledge passed down from generations accessible anytime, anywhere.

For the weight battler…

1) Get fit — Yoga and Dance are a great way to stay fit and have fun while you’re doing it. Gym settings can sometimes be intimidating and less interactive. MOVE YOUR BODY! 8 hours a day at a desk isn’t exactly stimulating.

2) Lose weight — Eat right! Processed foods are on every corner but a little bit of self-discipline will have your body thanking you. It’s okay to exclude Holiday times but set up a meal plan and stick with it.

For the ambitious…

1) Releasing your own book — your art is your creation. It lives on forever and takes on a life of its own. Be the creator!

2) Launching a video on what you feel passionate about — Videos are a great way to get your message across. They stimulate your audience in more than way and get more attention than a poster ad while focusing you on what is really important and worth talking about. 2010 was the year of Youtube and people have made careers based on it.

My resolutions are...

I want to write and record my album by the end of summer and travel to India for at least 2 months. This is a time where self reflection comes in to play. It can be a scary time for people because if they are honest with themselves, they may see something they don’t like. I have made many mistakes in the past and all I can do now is look back and wonder what brought me to make those decisions. Circumstances were different. I was a different person than I am today. But I know I can mold my future to whatever I want it to be. Grasp this chance to make changes in your life you couldn’t bring yourself to make. Whatever it is you want to accomplish in 2011, WRITE IT DOWN. The first step of making something reality is having a clear visual of what exactly it is you are looking to achieve.

Happy New Year Readers!