Our Top 5 Winter Fashion Staples

The Holiday season is usually met with busy schedules, Christmas parties, gift buying, sale seeking and the list goes on.   However, it's also a great time to invest in winter staples and eliminate the thought of what to wear on those cold, dreary winter days. From the frozen tundra of Wisconsin to the mild climate of Florida, these winter staples can be loved by all. If you search for "winter trends" or "what to wear now," there will be endless lists with beautiful items, often steep price tags and apparel that can be appreciated for only one season. While I like investing in a few trendy items each season, it can be difficult to buy a new one every year. Hopefully, these five winter staple ideas can eliminate the “what to wear now” thoughts, save you a little money in the long run and be your go-to winter wear this season and next year too.

Your Kind of Poncho

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Ponchos seem to go in and out of style but they never really go away which is why they made the top five winter staples list! Ponchos are a great way to not only create warmth on cold days but add tremendous style too. They come in many shapes and sizes, some with arm holes and some without. It just depends on preference. You can wear these with turtlenecks, long sleeve tops or even tank tops. Ponchos look great with leggings, skinny jeans or flared style pants to embrace a more bohemian look.

A Variety of Leggings

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Yes, plain black leggings are the perfect staple in every woman’s wardrobe but printed or faux leather leggings can add numerous style options too. If you find yourself in a black legging rut, try printed or faux leather. All of the above leggings can be dressed up or down. Faux leather leggings are an excellent choice for that Christmas or New Year’s Eve party that requires extra glam. Throw on a long sweater and some boots and you have yourself a trendy, fun ensemble.

Boots For Any Occasion

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Of course, boots are a winter necessity and I can guarantee that most women have a pair or two tucked neatly in their closet. However, if you need to update your boots or want a different style to invest in, these are three of my favorites. Long boots are great for professional and dressy attire but lace up booties can add that extra, casual edge and be worn for years to come. A plain, grey bootie is an excellent investment option for everyday wear at the office, running errands or a night on the town.

Solid Color Scarves

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Let’s face it, scarves are available by the hundreds. They come in plaids, animal prints and just about any color combination imaginable. However, my favorites are solid colored knit scarves. I find myself wearing a solid colored knit scarf many times a week. These knit scarves can add extra texture to an otherwise dull sweater or simply brighten an outfit. Solid colored scarves are subtle but effective in their own right and don’t scream, “look at me!” If you add a few solid colored knit scarves to your winter wardrobe, you will be amazed at the frequency in which you will wear them. They're a great winter staple for more than one winter season.

Grey Denim Jeans

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Every woman loves a great pair of denim jeans. While fit and style are key factors to the perfect pair, the color of denim is equally important. Grey or grey/black denim jeans have gained popularity over the past few years and will continue to play an important role in our denim arsenal. Grey, or grey/black denim as some call these jeans, made the top five winter staples list because of the flexibility this particular color can create within a wardrobe. This color is a great alternative to plain old “blue jeans” and can be worn with multiple items in your closet. There are many different shades/styles of grey/black denim to choose from, so if you’re in the market for a new pair of jeans this winter, skip the blue and try grey!


Audrey SolheidAudrey  is dedicated to inspiring women to "create new looks, try new styles, or find inspiration in what exists in your closet." Based in the Midwest with her family of four, Audrey brings sincerity, light-heartedness, and her fashion savvy to her articles.