Professional Chic Style Tips For The Summer

The weather's warming up so it's time to pull together workplace outfits that help you beat the heat. It's all about wearing light material and showing some skin where appropriate! Here's how fashion blogger, Rina, does it:

Welcome to the third and final look from my Brand Spotlight Series with Jac by JC: office attire.  If you missed it, you can view part one of the series here for tips on how to style your cardigan multiple ways and part two here for tips on how to wear colour this Spring!

Photo courtesy of Rina

I spend a good portion of my week at my workplace and am aways looking for inspiration on how to keep my work outfits fresh and comfortable. Tailored pants and a button up shirt has been my go-to lately because it's so easy to put together and the combination always looks chic and professional. Today I'll be sharing a few tips on how to dress up your classic button up shirt and pants ensemble.

Photo courtesy of Rina

1. Throw on a neck scarf. Luckily enough, these trousers by Jac by JC has a silk bandana belt that doubled as a neck scarf (cool hey?). Neck scarfs are the perfect accessory to throw on with a work ensemble as it adds to the overall professionalism of the outfit.

2. Adorn your waist. Choose a classy belt or a scarf, like I have above, to add a little extra detail to your work outfit.

Photo courtesy of Rina

3. Opt for some fun shoes. The weather is getting warmer so bring out your prettiest pair of sandals and show off your freshly pedicured toes. Statement shoes are perfect for days you plan to go from the office to night out. Just make sure they're work appropriate and comfortable enough to wear all day long!

4. Rather than choosing the classic white button-up, choose a coloured tailored shirt or a shirt with print.

Have fun getting ready for work like the girl bosses I know you all are!


"Attending private school and wearing uniforms, I always felt the need to test the boundaries. Whether it was with my sky-high hairstyles or slight uniform infractions, I was always looking for a way to stand out amongst my conformed peers. To this day, I still find myself testing the boundaries with my fashion choices and encouraging others to do the same. You can follow my journey through my social media channels as well as my personal blog for fashion, beauty and travel tips as well as "How to's" for styling the latest trends." -Rina, And She Dressed. Follow her on Instagram!