Say Hello To Sunshine And Spring!

After months of rain, clouds, and wind chill, sunny weather feels so welcomed in San Francisco. We're seeing fashionistas break out their open-toed shoes, sporting short sleeves, and stylish sunglasses to match the mild temperament. You could say they're "springing" into the styles of the season! Check out how Alyson is dressing for the weather:

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Hello friends (and sun)!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate we finally have a break from the rain!?

If you’re not from the Bay Area, we’ve been experiencing a lot of rain lately.  I actually don’t mind the rain because California needed it so badly, but it does feel nice to have the sun out! So as soon as it hit 70 degrees, I just had to bust out a Spring outfit.  Yup, short sleeves and all.

Anyway, I just bought these YSL sunglasses and immediately felt very Kim K.  So that kinda inspired me to come up with a very Kim K inspired outfit – high waisted jeans, a tucked in tank, slicked back hair, big black sunglasses, and these Marc Fisher Footwear two strap sandals.  I also didn’t want my outfit to look too casual (despite wearing heels and having a polished pony), so I also added this olive waterfall vest to dress it up a little bit.

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Let’s talk about the shoes for a second.

Two strapped sandals are THE most popular sandal style in my closet.  I just can’t help myself – I have it in all kinds of styles: chunky short heels, super high stilettos, flats…and in multiple colors too.

So when I saw these Marc Fisher Footwear Dalli sandals, I knew it’d be a great fit with my wardrobe.  The heel is in between my super high stilettos and flats, making it perfect for me to wear during the day when I’m jumping from one meeting to the next.

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Anyway, that’s my super quick OOTD that I wore to my meetings last week!  I wore these sandals all morning and until the afternoon and I can promise that these are SO comfy!!!

The Marc Fisher Footwear Dalli sandal is available for $89 and comes in 5 colors: black, beige, pink, taupe, and yellow.

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