Spring/Summer Wardrobe Basics

By Guest Contributor, Nina Rahal-Kharey. Originally published on Nonierahal.com

Happy Spring! My favorite season of the year! It’s the start of something bright and warm and the end of dark and cold. Time to update your wardrobe with  lighter  and colourful clothes. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to transition into the warmer weather. To help shop, I put together this little list of the basic  pieces  you should have in your closet this Spring/Summer. With these  pieces, you can take anything you have in your closet and bring them into Spring with a little creativity and  accessorizing.

Colourful Jeans
In case you haven’t noticed, coloured pants are a huge trend this season. I have a pair of hot red ones that are loud and a lot of fun, but I prefer pastel colours like this yellow. Pastel pants are easier to wear as you can get more out of them. It’s easy to pair tops with them as the pastel shade becomes a neutral colour and you can wear any bold colour on top really. Pastel is also so beautiful and soft in the Spring.

Basic Lose White Tank
You can’t go wrong with a basic white tank top in the Spring. White is light and bright and is a great go to top when wearing tight shorts or jean shorts underneath. You can throw on the tank with anything really and easily be chic in Spring.

That’s it for bulky shoes and boots. Bring in the light and easy loafers. Loafers/flats are great to have this Spring and I chose a lighter nude colour to lengthen my legs.

Little White Dress
The little white dress is perfect for Spring. It can take you to so many occasions and keep you fresh looking for the season. White is a great colour to have for the season as it can lighten your outfit so easily.

Love my trench coat in the Fall and in the Spring. In Calgary, the weather can stay nippy right until April or May. The trench is the perfect coat to throw on top, stay stylish, and keep the rain and cold away.

Bold Bright  Accessories
Big bold and colourful accessories are the rage this season. If you can’t spend too much on your wardrobe, grab a few accessories. Accessories are the easiest way to bring outfits into the current season. I love the freedom of colour in Spring/Summer! Don’t overdo it though. When you’re wearing a bright coloured necklace or  bracelet, stack them up with some gold or silver. You just need one bold  piece.

The perfect shoe in warm weather. I love platforms! They give you the height, but don’t take any comfort away. If you can only buy one shoe, go for the nudes. Its a good basic colour to have. You can wear it with anything and it also adds length to your legs. Remember the pointy  stilettos that were so trendy a decade ago? Well they’re back!

Pleated Skirts
It’s so obvious by now, I LOVE maxi skirts. It’s hard for me to find a maxi dress sometimes, so I always have a pile of skirts. They make you feel so feminine and are way more comfortable than pants! Pleated skirts are huge right now and so classy. Here I just slipped it on top of the dress I was wearing. Another great length right now is right between your knees and ankles. The 40s are coming back for dresses!

Jean Jackets
Another great jacket to have for sunny days. Just throw it on top of a skirt or jeans and you have a really relaxed look. I personally go for the lighter colour as it’s easier to pair with everything.

With these basics, you can easily bring your wardrobe into the Spring season. You don’t have to go all out and spend hundreds of dollars on a new wardrobe. By taking these basics and incorporating them into you closet, you have more then enough to get you through the season.

With love,

Computer engineer by day, fashion designer by night, Nina Rahal-Kharey’s life reads like something from a Hollywood pitch meeting. Rahal-Kharey is just one of those rare people who sees no reason to subdue her admittedly “nerdy side” for the sake of her glamorous alter ego. This past summer, House of Nonie’s bold shapes – inspired by the sari-style draping of Rahal-Kharey’s Indian heritage – sashayed down runways in both Toronto and Calgary. Rahal-Karey learned to sew at an early age. She was also surrounded by fashion growing up – her father worked as a manager for a knitting company and her mother worked for a clothing manufacturer – so it seemed as if it would only be a matter of time before she began to sketch out some designs. But Rahal-Kharey credits her plunge into fashion to the memory of her brother, who lost his life to gang-related violence five years ago at the age of 25. “I’ve never actually thought of myself as a role model,” she says. “I just think that I have a story to tell.”
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