Street Style San Francisco

Style is a powerful tool that plays a major role in shaping first impressions. Did you simply throw something on this morning? Or spend hours in trying to figure the perfect ensemble? Whatever the case, we are excited to bring you the hottest looks fresh off the streets of San Francisco.

Get ready as we explore the Bay Area for weekly fashion inspiration!


Name: Tessa
Occupation: Student
Describe your style: ‘All over the place’
What are you up to today? “Just working for the day."

The all-black ensemble and messy bun is brought to life with this orange statement jacket that features henna inspired embroidery work with an inner lining of suede. The long earring mirrors the delicacy of the patterns in the jacket whilst the orange wallet provides for a nice finishing touch.


Name: Allie
Occupation: Graphic Design Student/ Part time hostess at Spanish Restaurant
Describe your style: Casual comfy skater like 90’s inspired
What are you up to today? “Headed to work and class later!”

The classic strapless knit top from Free People ties together with the little daisy embroidered denim pants, creating the ultimate lazy weekend style.


Name: Katie
Describe your style: Vintage paired with anything black.
Occupation: Nursing Student
What are you up to Today? “Going over to a friend’s place later.”

This monochrome black and white outfit evokes comfortable sophistication without competing with the pastel pink bed-head hair. The black skater shoes and jacket further provide for a balance between chic and sporty.


Name: Melina
Describe your style: Keeping it classy
Occupation: Student

What are you up to Today? “Shopping with my mom.”

The checkered coat and untied black ribbon paired with orange aviators, blurs the line between professional and casual whilst simultaneously borrowing inspiration from her home country of France.


Name: Ramona
Describe your style: Different everyday
Occupation: Make-up artist
What are you up to Today? “Just walking around the city.”

The pink top-not in combination with a contrasting dark tie-down sweater, paired with distressed denim bottoms is perfect for a day out in the city.