Street Style San Francisco V

Walking through the occasionally sunny but typically windy streets of the Financial District in downtown San Francisco, we managed to catch a few stylish residents during their coffee break. The rain affecting California is finally letting up and many are breaking out sunglasses for the state's characteristic sun. Check out more below!


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Sarah
Occupation: Admin and Grad school student
Style: Classic chic
Currently doing: Off to work!

All grey and no play doesn’t ring true with Sarah. She compliments her gold highlights with a dainty double loop necklace and a tan suede bag!


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Peggy
Occupation: Day-time manage
Style: Sophisticated with pop of colour
Currently doing: Heading back to work after coffee break.

The American classic combination of white top + denim is upgraded here! Peggy pairs it with a tan faux fur overcoat which brings a hint of luxury. Meanwhile, her accessories matching in bold red provide for a playful twist.


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Mariah
Occupation: Art Advisor
Style: Sophisticated Urban meets Artsy
Currently doing: On my way to work!

An all-black outfit paired with reflective cat eye sunglasses gives an air of sophistication whilst keeping it playful with the subtle repetitive pattern in her shirt and a patterned scarf wrapped around her neck. The look is complete with a monochrome patterned bag. One may think there are too many patterns, but she’s definitely making it work!


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Iris
Occupation: Marketing
Style: Casual Chic
Currently doing: Walking back home to walk her dogs.

Iris sports a pale denim jacket with a black and white ensemble but it is quite evident that cat-eye sunglasses are becoming a striking and popular trend this season!