Street Style San Francisco VI

While some rushed into cafés to escape the cold, others strolled through the streets in tactically layered outfits, unfazed by the unusually cold weather taking the city. Check out some of our picks of great style for the week!

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Rae
Occupation: Managing Director
Style: Ultra Chic
Currently: Finishing coffee and headed to dentist appointment!

Rae's outfit features a high neck printed romper with a semi frilly hemline from Rent The Runaway Unlimited and a pair of black heels from Kendall + Kylie. This is definitely one of our favorite looks in our series so far! Check out her Instagram, @raelynntheleo.


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Maria
Occupation: Event Marketing
Style: Casual
Currently doing: Rushing to work!

Maria's plaid trench coat is accompanied by a brown leather tote and stockings for a cold windy day. She looks warm and sophisticated!


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Reann
Occupation: Attorney
Style: Business Casual
Currently doing: Walking back to work.

For Reann, she paired a long black sweater with black tie back block heels from Lulu's for a comfy, yet edgy look.