Street Style San Francisco VII

Here comes the sun! After weeks of rain and clouds, it seems like the sunshine has returned (albeit with wind chill) to the now less-drought-ridden California. Fashionistas in San Francisco are taking advantage of the sunnier, drier weather, so check out some of women we came across this week.

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Maya
Occupation: Fashion Design Student
Style: Strategic layering of patterns and textures
What She's Up To: Waiting for the bus

Maya's outfit features a re-invented delicate pale blue top paired with a straight edge skirt bearing wide blocks of muted color, finished with an exquisite pair of clogs. And of course, layered with a semi-stiff grey trench coat!

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Caroline
Occupation: Flight Attendant
Style: Mix n' Match
What She's Up To: Exploring the city! She's traveling and visiting SF from Holland.

For her outfit, Caroline assembled layers of grey with a faux fur sweater and a gigantic knotted neck scarf over denim pants and a cream bag in hand. Talk about 50 shades of cozy comfort!

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Marlena
Occupation: Barista
Style: Constantly Varies
What She's Up To: Meeting a friend

Marlena's black crop top is paired with brown buckle pants and a semi-professional navy blue coat. Her outfit looks striking against her copper red curls.

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Sunanina
Occupation: Software Engineer
Style: Edgy + Boho = Bo-Edge
What She's Up To: Heading back to work

Sunanina wore the classic black on denim look with tufted rain jacket from Nordstrom paired. She also sports black rimmed glasses and a classy bob cut, a signature look for the casual professional.