Street Style San Francisco VIII

San Francisco has such a diversity of fashion and styles, it's difficult to classify the city's style in one term. But that's not a problem at all, especially since we get to meet the SF fashionistas on the streets. Check out the latest installment of our fashion series!

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

No. 1: Jessalynn
Occupation: Office manager at Open Door
Style: Neat and casual sleek
Currently doing: Grabbing coffee and heading back to the office

This strikingly unique outfit features a red tracksuit with black knee high boots and a loose knit scarf with a little element that adds a touch of class – the see through tinted glasses!


Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Berlen
Occupation: Student at Sacramento State University
Style: Casual today, but usually very like east coast put together
Currently Doing: In the city for spring break and headed to Madame Tussads

Ruby red pants paired with black sneakers, a tasseled scarf and a long waterproof jacket is practical is all-weather proof and perfect for the unpredictable semi-sunny week.

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Sophia
Occupation: Student
Style: Funky thrifted vintage
Currently Doing: Exploring downtown

Striped are making their appearance this spring as seen in Sophia’s knotted crop top, paired with high waist pants and a loose faux fur coat and the sneaky red bag plays its part in spicing it up.

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Katherine
Occupation: Student
Style: Crisp
Currently doing: On her way to lunch in Chinatown.

Never go wrong with a classic back and white, Sporty meets formal in this unusual pairing of the striped formal attire.

Photo by Priyanka Ramesh

Name: Bryne
Occupation: CEO of Tech Company
Style: Professional Chic
Currently doing: Heading back to work

This elegant outfit features a patterned collar blouse with tailored pants that compliment the other in a de-saturated colour scheme whilst the dainty necklace and bracelet provide for notable details.