Survival Guide For Singles On Valentine’s Day


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, couples and singles alike are being bombarded with reminders of the upcoming occasion.   If you are single, these reminders may just be a disappointing reminder of where you want to be.   I appreciate the difficulty of finding a partner even though I can’t remember the last time I was single. So...why am I writing this? Well, because, I have been impressed by my single girlfriends who took this occasion to celebrate with one another. To top it off, I got an invite to a Valentine's Day girls' night out, even though I am not single. The event is aptly titled — Gal-intines Day Dinner. We are all heading to dinner, 10 of us, and exchanging gifts. It inspired me to take this opportunity to make a few suggestions that might be useful to those of you who are single on this most romantic of holidays.

Photo courtesy of Addictive Spaz

Enjoying Valentine’s Day begins with changing your outlook. Instead of comparing this Valentine’s Day with previous ones or your current singledom with the lives of the couples around you, celebrate your independence! You have the choice to do whatever you want on February 14th. The following are ideas for singles to have fun on this couples-oriented day.

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  • Girls’ or guys’ night out. There are other singles out there feeling just as you do about Valentine’s Day. Join forces with other singles in an effort to have fun and celebrate the holiday by organizing a girls’ or guys’ night out. If all of your friends seem to be joined at the hip with their significant other, search online for local Valentine’s Day gatherings for singles.
  • Hold a singles potluck. Invite singles over to your place for a “Singles Awareness Day” potluck celebration. Banding together with other singles is a surefire way to make the most of the occasion.
  • Don’t focus on the date. Somebody just decided this was a day for lovers to celebrate and we all bought into it. Remember, everything is made up. As masters of our domain, we can celebrate any day we like. We are meeting on the weekend for our Gal-intines day celebration. The date means nothing more than it should.
  • Experience the joy of solitude. The thought of being alone on Valentine’s Day is enough to make many people sink into feelings of gloom and doom. You can turn these feelings completely around by purposefully seeking the bliss in spending an evening alone. Treat yourself to a favorite movie, cozy up with an inspiring book, indulge in your favorite meal, pour yourself a glass of top shelf wine or enjoy any other activity   you love but that do not typically give yourself time for.

Photo of "Operation Valentine's Day" courtesy of US Army Corp of Engineers, Los Angeles.


  • Go on a platonic date with a friend. Just because you’re single, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a night out at a fancy restaurant, an evening of dancing, or whatever else you might think is only reserved for those romantically involved. Ask a single friend for a platonic date and have a blast celebrating your lives as single, independent people!
  • Spread the love with volunteer work. Love is the theme of Valentine’s Day, and you can spread this love by volunteering. A quick search on the Internet will help you find plenty of places that will appreciate your help.

The point is to change your focus, to enjoy your own company (or the company of other singles), and to have a meaningful, fun day in whatever way brings you the most enjoyment.


Happy Gal-entines Day!!