The Met Gala, Where The Bad Meets The Stunning. Let’s Start Off With Some Winners Shall We?

By Jackie Brubaker

I love Reese Witherspoon as she takes us back in an inspired "How to Marry a Millionaire" meets "Legally Blond" pink Stella McCartney gown. Everything is absolutely perfect about this look. Her hair reminiscent of Marilyn. Her makeup is soft with lashes and a subtle pink lipstick and her neckline stays free and clear of throwing her overboard and straight into Diamonds are a Girls Ex-friend.

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Charlize Theron looks stunning in Dior, who she also sponsors. Looking radiant in this cream and blue striped satin full gown she dons a tuxedo jacket on top. Finally, a woman who isn’t afraid to bring a jacket with her. Although, I doubt she’s cold. Interesting choice, but I like it!Macintosh HD:Users:jackiebrubaker:Desktop:138312-original.jpg


OMG. I love this dress so much. Number one: this is my favorite cut EVER. Emily Rossum does a beautiful job at showing off this dress. Notice how I said she was showing off the dress? This dress has it’s own orbit when it comes to classic style. Though I’m not completely crazy about floral patterns I’ll let it go since floral has come back with a vengeance. If anyone were going to make floral okay it would be Carolina Herrera.


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We knew this was coming this last New York Fashion Week and now it’s here. Rodarte teamed up with Disney this year to showcase their "Star Wars" themed couture. Kristen Dunst shows off her Rodarte gown and proves to us that for force is indeed with her. Macintosh HD:Users:jackiebrubaker:Desktop:138298-original.jpg

I’m a little concerned with Taylor Swift from the front right now. Visions of mid-90’s Sarah McClintock prom dresses just ran through my head. But, turn her around and this Oscar De La Renta gown is quite striking. With a beautiful back and gathered faux bow I foresee a look-a-like of this gown on many a bride next spring.


Macintosh HD:Users:jackiebrubaker:Desktop:138335-original.jpgMacintosh HD:Users:jackiebrubaker:Desktop:138334-original.jpg

Speaking of full gowns, I think the warehouse from the remake of Gone with the Wind was having a sample sale. Gone with the Wind may be my favorite movie of all time, but Katie what were you thinking? This is almost as bad as the hoop skirt “Southern Belle” costume stuffed into a bag during Halloween. Where is your stylist lately?? Please rehire her!


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So, Kimye came with possible pre-wedding rumors. Are they married? Are they not? Honestly, all I can think about is how her dress looks baggy and frankly ill fitted to her. Nothing about it made me want to jump for joy. But, I will give Kanye a thumbs up in the pants department. I’m loving the skinny tuxedo pants. Very hipster rocker meets the Met.


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This is just sad for me to write. I love Lupita N’yongo and she’s shown us some of the most beautiful dresses lately. But, what happened here? I feel as though there’s a point where every celebrity must make the wacky choice just to see if they can either pull it off or start a new trend. I would dub this new trend: Fishing Flapper Goes Green.


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Yes, yes! I love this simple yet elegant Oscar De La Renta gown on Clare Danes. Mmm… In a light pink satin skirt and velvet bodice she looks absolutely effortless in it.

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Ooh, and I love Emma Stone in this Thakoon pink number. It’s almost reminiscent of a colorful Calvin Klein. She looks stunning in the two-toned pink tank and skirt while keeping her hair romantically swept to the side in a braid and her makeup a little smoky on the eyes.

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Eek!! Did Maggie Gyllenhaal land on a mid-century sofa and claw herself alive only to come out looking like a Twister inspired super hero? While I love the new blond hair and tan skin, this dress is just a disaster. I feel like she should be serving us Cheese Wiz on tiny crackers while we watch the Brady Bunch.

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Since that was simply scary here’s something to soothe your weary eyes. Sarah Jessica Parker, the Met Gala Ball’s darling does it again in her bestie Oscar De La Renta’s beautiful black and white satin gown. She turns around to showcase not only a pleated train but also the signature of Oscar as a great marketing–uh, I mean homage to him.

Macintosh HD:Users:jackiebrubaker:Desktop:138345-original.jpg


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And, then this happened. This is what happens when a cable food star tries to make her A-list red carpet debut. This is Sandra Lee’s unhappily ever after. Someone please go lend an ear. She is screaming for help.


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Whew! I love this Topshop satin gown on Kendall Jenner. I may have to go get this one myself since it may be the only thing from the red carpet that I could possibly own!


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For someone so beautiful as Elizabeth Olsen it really shows what the wrong cut, color and glue gunned rhinestones can do to mess it all up. I’m going to pretend like this never happened and go back to my memories of Elizabeth in anything but an ice skaters costume.


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Zac Possen must have been waiting for Dita Von Teese to stroll in so he could insist she wear this dress. It’s like it was made for her. With beautiful 1940’s lines and bubble-like curves she looks amazing.


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How fun! I feel like Burberry took a note from the 1950’s and modernized a pink prom dress. I really love Bradley Cooper’s much younger girlfriend Suki Waterhouse in it.


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All in all it was a success for this year Met Gala Ball. There were so many stunning gowns that showed off exactly what this event is known for, drop dead gorgeous fashion. Though there will always be misses, there’s always next year to improve.