The New Makeup Tool For Clean Lines

If you like wearing winged eyeliner or bold lipstick colors, then you probably understand the struggle that comes with achieving that clean, precise line. Even after a lot of practice or implementing beauty hacks (a piece of Scotch tape is useful, but can totally remove a small square of foundation by your eyes), the process still takes time. Here's a tool that might just help. Alyson tries it out:

It’s strange to say that even though I wear liquid liner daily, I still struggle with creating that perfect winged liner.  Who feels that way too!?

Sure, I’ve learned tips and tricks over the years to make application a little bit easier, but I still have those moments where my wings looks like a two year old did my liner.

For me, the problem stems from the fact that my eyelids are uneven and hooded, so sometimes my eyeliner looks uneven in width, angle, and length.  I also don’t apply winged liner like most people do, I like to apply eyeliner outwards rather than upwards to elongate rather than lift my eye.

Liner Designer 2

Photo courtesy of Alyson

I went to a brunch with beautyblender not too long ago and one of the things that was gifted to me was their new liner.designer.

With something this small, this product looks a little bit like a gimmick…right?

The liner.designer comes in a little mirrored case to store it in and it also comes with a suction cup to cling it to a wall for even easier eyeliner application.

The silicon guide is flexible and has three types of edges: short-round, straight-laced, and curvalicious.  I mean, there are tons of ways you can use the liner.designer, but here are a few ways:

Liner Designer 3

Photo courtesy of Alyson

I mostly used the straight edge for my cat eye flick, but what I found really useful was that I could get the length and angle even on both sides.  I also used it for a super straight edge at the top of my eyeliner.

Unlike tape, the liner.designer does not stick onto your skin, but I actually prefer using this with eyeliners since it’s a little bit more forgiving on your skin and I have more flexibility to create other types of eyeliner looks.

Cleaning the liner.designer is easy too!  I just wiped it down with micellar water after I was done using it.

It does take a little practice to add this product into your daily routine, but if winged eyeliner is something you can’t live without and you have trouble like me, I highly recommend you try it!


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