The Plight To Remain Pantless

I take every opportunity I can to not wear real pants.   Oh, you like my jeans? They fit so well because they’re 90% legging and no, you cannot judge me for that sartorial confession.   Fun fact: for the longest time I didn’t realize that my favorite “jeans” were actually jeggings until I stopped to wonder why they had fake pockets and could stretch farther than Richard Simmons’ gold lamé hot pants.

Now my wildest dream has come true: printed leggings are in!   Out with the limiting confines of stiff denim and the constant awareness of my mid-to-low waist.   Since you know that it’s my lot in life to wear yoga clothes and pretend they're socially appropriate for other non-stretching activities, here’s a look I love that will keep you chic and shimmying, sans muffin top:

Marilyn Blouse by All Saints
Printed Legging by Onzie
Damsi Boot by All Saints
7 Chi Studded Tote by Urban Outfitters

Below I pose outside of the recently opened Ian Ross Gallery looking rather perturbed at the world because that’s how you’re supposed to look standing next to art.   I’m dark, introspective and my legs are covered in spandex of the peacock variety.    You ask, how can one look so unhappy when feeling so comfortable among their lower extremities?   It's a gift.

My favorite look has been pairing bright leggings with muted tones and occasionally, when fearless, a splash of complementary color.   Here I also show off my addiction to knit:

Peacock Leggings by Onzie
Studded Black Leather Boots by Steve Madden
Burnt Orange Scarf by Forever 21
Tote by Banana Republic

The fantastic thing about leggings is that you can transition from looking like an urban-chic boss lady to trendy yogini in mere seconds.   And now, the obligatory yoga pose because at the end of the day we’re all just looking to infuse our bhakti with personal style.   Plus, can your jeans do that?

Vitasea Tank by Lululemon
Peacock Leggings by Onzie
Studded Black Leather Boots by Steve Madden
NYE Art Installation by Ian Ross