This Mom Thinks We’re Over-doing Holiday Celebrations


Photo courtesy of Jake Bellucci

Photo courtesy of Jake Bellucci

A recent story on Huffington Post caught my attention. Several of my friends with young children were forwarding a story by Kristen Howerton ¬†asking mothers and schools to tone down the holiday celebration madness. It seems expectations for holidays - ALL holidays - far exceed the expectations we had as children. Now parents must distribute Valentine's Day goodie bags, make leprechaun traps with gold coins and serve pie on March 14th (3.14 = Pi, get it?).

Here's an excerpt from Howerton's very funny commentary:

"And do not even get me started on what Easter has become. When I was a kid my mom went to the store and bought us a new dress and a pre-made plastic Easter basket for $8.99. ¬† THE END. There was candy and we loved it. Maybe we would die some eggs from a kit sitting in the check-out lane at Target. They would look like crap.

Now we've got to leave footprints from the Easter Bunny and make artful, Pinterest-worthy eggs with stencils and ikat prints and probably some that are ombre. AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT."

To read the whole thing, click here.