Tips For Easy Airbrush Makeup At Home

Airbrush makeup 1

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Airbrush makeup is one of those things that I’ve admired from afar but never put in any effort into trying.   My friends who are makeup artists always rave how beautiful the finish is and how long lasting it is (they swear by airbrush makeup for weddings), so you can imagine my excitement when I was sent the Luminess Air to try.

The kit that I received came with 4 foundation options (you can also choose what finish you like, I chose matte), a blush, a highlighter and primer.   It also came with an in-depth instructional booklet and DVD.   I found that the booklet was enough to get started, but it helps to watch the technique on the DVD.

If you’re unsure of what shade to choose, Luminess Air can you help decide.   I was in-between shades and had to have a representative help me choose.   For me, the colors were a bit too orange or pink in the bottle, so you may have to adjust by mixing shades.   In the end, mixing shades worked out for me, but I HIGHLY recommend getting help from them.

I first applied the primer and started working on the foundation layers.   I started out applying 2 drops of foundation into the well, but the coverage was too natural and decided to go for three layers with additional drops instead.

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Photo courtesy of Alyson

After playing around with it, here are some helpful tips:

  • Keep your pen constantly moving in circular motions around your face.
  • Apply  a tiny bit  of pressure (not too much!) in areas where you need more coverage.   Feel free to repeat over that area again.
  • Apply another layer ONLY  if your previous layer is already dry.
  • Keep your pen 6-7 inches away from your face for a more even and airbrushed finish.
  • Practice!
  • Using water, clean the pen after every use.

I  used the blush and highlighter too and the effect was subtle and natural.

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Photo courtesy of Alyson

Here’s the finished look with the blush and highlighter without any powder.   Again, this was about 3 layers and even so, it didn’t cover up every single dark spot, but I think that’s ok!   I’ll have to agree with my friends about using airbrush makeup for brides — it looks like second skin with a slightly dewy finish.

I wore the foundation for over 8 hours and I found no separation!   The dewiness set in a little more (make sure you powder if you have oily skin), but I still really liked the finish.

Ideally I’d love to use it everyday, but since I’m  always rushing, I’ll have to save this when I need to look daytime glam or polished.   For going out at night, it wouldn’t suit my needs, but for special daytime events when I want to look really nice and not over the top, this is what I’ll be grabbing.


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