Try The Front Tuck!

The front tuck has become a huge trend over the past few years. It took me awhile to adopt this style because I thought it was only appropriate with high-waisted pants. It turns out high- waisted bottoms aren't necessary, the front tuck can be accomplished with any pair of pants, it just takes a little practice. After playing around with different styles of tops and sweaters the front tuck is now one of my favorite looks and its proven easy to do. I love it because it creates different style options for t-shirts, sweaters and button down tops that are already in your closet. Not to mention the added dimension it can give you at the waist. A simple front tuck can take a plain old t-shirt from dull and drab to trendy and hip in no time.

To create a front tuck, grab the bottom hem of your top and simply tuck it into your waistband. Smooth the hem with your fingers right under the waistband of your pants. Try not to tuck too much past the waistband if possible (maybe an inch or more is fine.) The final step is to blouse it (keep in mind that it doesn't need to be perfect, messy is ok.) This is the part I play around with because it depends on the texture of the top. Cotton tops such as t-shirts might need extra blousing while sweaters actually blouse quite easily. Here are a few before and after style options:


Before the tuck.


After the tuck.

I like how this simple tuck adds dimension to the waist and extra flair to an otherwise plain old sweater. If you have a few sweaters in your closet that hit at a not so flattering part of the hip, give this look a try.


Before the tuck with a cotton t-shirt.


After the tuck.

This top was collecting dust in my closet because it creates an unflattering line between the top and bottom portions of my body. I get more use out of this top simply by tucking it!

Other Style Ideas for the Front Tuck:

1. Wear a thin belt with t-shirts or sweaters.

2. Throw an open-front sweater or jacket on over a front tucked t-shirt or top. Perfect for fall!

3. Add a utility/military inspired vest to the ensemble.

4. Try the front tuck with a boxy or graphic tee.

Audrey SolheidAudrey is the founder of avid fashion blog,  Audrey Salutes.  She is dedicated to inspiring women to "create new looks, try new styles, or find inspiration in what exists in your closet." Based in the Midwest with her family of four, Audrey brings sincerity, light-heartedness, and her fashion savvy to her posts. Follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pintrest!