Try The Ombré Lips Look!

Summer will be the best time to try fun new ways to style your lipstick! Named after the ombré hair trend, the stylish ombré lips look is easy to create. It just requires two lip products! Check out how Alyson creates this lip trick.

Got a few weddings coming up this year?

It’s easy to overlook your hair and makeup, especially when you have to worry about finding a dress that fits and matching shoes and jewelry.  With spring comes the start of wedding season, so you’ll need makeup looks and hairstyles that are camera-ready, easy, and appropriate for the occasion.  So if you have a slew of weddings to attend to, here are some makeup ideas to spice up your makeup for your next big occasion.  From subtle to bold-lipped, there’s a lip look for everyone.

Photo courtesy of Alyson


Instagram makeup, but suited for everyday life.  🙂


Weddings or any special occasions, especially if you want your lipstick to last a long time and if you want your lips to look extra plump.


Lip contouring or ombre lips are becoming a big trend in the beauty industry and although it may seem intimidating, it’s actually quite easy!  It may look like a lot of products, but the lip liners are really useful, especially during weddings.  Lip liners help to keep your lipstick last longer so you focus on having fun than remembering to reapply your lipstick.  PLUS, the ombre lips will look pretty in pictures and give the illusion of fuller lips.

After you decide on your lipstick, all you need is a darker lip liner and a lighter lip liner in the same color family.  For weddings or special occasions, the key is to keep the ombre lips timeless and pretty with the colors.  I also recommend you use a lip brush to make the blending a lot easier.

Photo courtesy of Alyson


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