Weekend Wish List. Continued.

Once I started to think about all the things that   I wanted to do, the ideas wouldn't stop. This will be a new thing for me here on L&P, I think every weekend I will post a wish list of ideas, things to do, places to go, people to see- ect.. If any of you have great ideas and think I should know about something please feel free to connect and let me know! This is very exciting project for me because I think it will start a giant map of ideas and colorful arrows to the places I'd like to see and things I'd like to do - or more importantly, the person I'd like to be. Hopefully this will also help you get in touch with your wish list.

If you thought I would mention shoes only once during my weekend wish list. You're Crazy

My weakness is Ice Cream. I wish I wish I wish being fat was In

Wearing those shoes, eating Ice Cream at a Tropical Resort. Nice

Wouldn't mind seeing the world through a wine glass

No phones, or web, or Ipads would be nice- for a weekend at least.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!