Seeing RED

In my experience, there are two things women are always looking for, the perfect eyeliner and the perfect pair of heels( maybe that's just me- or is it?) As a woman who loves the pretty things in life, I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of heels since the ripe age of 17 when I convinced my mom to buy me a pair of Espadrilles. The off white canvas cork wedge heels were not flashy or fancy but they did make me walk with a sway and gave me the womanly gait every little girl tries to copy when she sees the walk of women around her.

I wore those new espadrilles on a family vacation, ignoring the disapproving looks from my father who felt that women should always maintain their modesty. Having grown up in the west, sometimes his version of modesty felt extreme to me, but then again, he was operating from a place where women wore Punjabi suits and flats all the time. No heels.Yes, ladies and heels. In the village where my dad grew up, heels weren't so popular. I guess, the unpaved road made it difficult to rock a 4 inch heel. In any case, to my father's delight, I wore the shoes for only a few hours on that vacation, I found the slight heel uncomfortable- but this would be my first wear of the heel- this wouldn't be my last since there was so much more time to practice and perfect.

There began a life long journey for the most comfortable heel in the world. The search has now become somewhat of an obsession. I used to believe the more I spent, the more comfortable the heels would be, that belief was due in part to a story told by Barbara Walters. Walters said that she used to save for Manolo Blahniks when she was starting out as a reporter because those were the only shoes she could wear all day and all night. The Manolo's, according to Barbara were the most comfortable shoes pair of heels she had ever come across.

Having bought my own pair of Manolo's a few years ago, I have to say, Walters claim was bogus. As I began to own more and more high end shoes, I realized price had only so much to do with quality. Once the cost of labor and materials was covered, what you were really paying for was name brand. Now, I don't look at brand so much as I do quality and design. I love any heels that are made well and look fabulous. Lately, I've been hunting for a pair of red sexy shoes. You may think this is an easy task- but believe you find THE red shoe is like finding a needle in a haystack!

Here are a few Red shoes I really like - I will keep you updated on my hunt for the absolute perfect red pair of heels that I can actually wear day to night. Obviously, the higher heels may not be day to night wear...but they may help you look like a rock star for at least an hour.

One of my favorite pair of Fluevogs I bought years ago.

Hope you find your perfect pair of heels.