What A New Year Means To L&P

Photo courtesy of Daniel Moyle

Four of our contributors weigh in on what the New Year means to them.

The New Year is about New Experience! I have always believed that life is about the experience. I constantly search out new ways to feed my spirit and nourish the part of me that hungers to see the world with new eyes. Sitting here on New Year’s Day in Paris, I am glad for the layer of a new experience that will help me understand the beauty of the world around me.

-Mira Veda, Editor-in-Chief

In 2012, I intend to practice intentional gratitude more often. I have come to realize I am incredibly, richly blessed, and the things I have to complain about are really insignificant.   I plan to be more cognizant of the gifts I have in this life, whether they be people, friendships, family, or simple indulgences like good coffee or a nice long run outdoors. When those blessings in my life involve others, I want to make sure I acknowledge them and let them know how much they are appreciated.

-Bobbi Jo Rohrberg, Contributor

My personal intention this year to not wait for life to “get better” in order to make things happen for myself.   I’ve realized that it’s easy to wait around for the perfect climate or set of circumstances before acting on a goal or dream. Unfortunately, things are never “perfect” and if you wait until they are…..you’ll be waiting forever. So, my intention this year is to “Just Do It.”

- Katrina Markel, Managing Editor

The New Year for me means hope: hope to change those things which didn't work for me in 2011, and hope to renew those which did. More importantly however, the celebration and arrival of the New Year involves gratitude for the opportunity to live and grow one more year. I honor and treasure this opportunity- we never know how short life can be, and I hope to embody this gratitude in 2012 in order to live each day to its full potential.

-Mani Uppal, Contributor