What To Wear At Wineries

One of my favorite things to do in the San Francisco Bay Area is to go up north to visit wineries in Napa. They are an absolutely beautiful sight with the vineyards on the California hills. You may wonder what to wear to visit a winery. Luckily, this post will helps you in decide what outfit to wear on your next visit to a winery, especially if it is your first time.

First, it is always great to look up the weather of where the winery is located to dress appropriately for this. I went on a hot summer day to the gorgeous Domaine Carneros, which I strongly suggest by the way, where I saw many ladies wearing maxi dresses, shorts, tank tops, sandals, ripped jeans, wedges, floppy hats, and sunglasses. I definitely wanted to wear heels since it’s my usual dress code. It is not recommended to wear thin heels, especially if you are planning on going on the tour since you will most likely be walking on dirt and you want to be comfortable while you are visiting one or maybe even more wineries that day. Another suggestion is to make sure to bring sunglasses or a hat since most wineries are outdoors. With that said, sunscreen is also necessary. Below are a few photos of some outfit suggestions that can help inspire you on your outfit choice.

"Do you want some cheese with that whine?!" - my Dad 🍷🧀

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I hope this short and simple blog posts on what to wear to your winery destination helped you, and please comment below if you have any questions and share your outfit below with us. Cheers!


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