3 Incredibly Inspiring TED Talks For Women

I find TED to be an incredible mentor. Forget what Sheryl Sandberg has said about not needing mentors. Mentors are key to learning what we don't know. We look for deeper insight from those that have been there- done that. We want to know more from people who have navigated through the strife and struggles similar to our lives. I make it a point to look for mentors everywhere, I am not focused on any one specific person because I feel that knowledge can be gathered from many sources. I am also not focused on direct contact, although proximity to the highest intelligence is a great teacher, at times without intention. There is value in just random conversations about conundrums we encounter but, if you're talking about just gaining intelligence then TED is one of those incredible resources.

These are three of my favorite TED Talks. I believe they are especially good for women because they remind us of what we may have forgotten.

Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

Yes, "Eat, Pray, Love" tapped into something. Some strange longing that we were all feeling. Here, in this talk, Gilbert taps into something again. She talk about the source of genius and makes us wonder where it really comes from.

Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

When I first heard this talk, I was floored. I am sure you may be the same way, I hate asking for anything to do with myself, my creativity, my life. I have no problem asking for others but asking for myself seems undoable. Palmer has a interesting way of operating. She sees the world as a share economy. She models for us what our world could look like...if we just asked.

Helen Fisher: The brain in love

As an Anthropologist Helen Fisher studies questions we ask ourselves all the time. "Why do we crave love so much?" For me this is talk is a deeper study of all things we are and what we aim to be.