Best French Fries in the Bay at 2nd and Townsend…


OK. So here is my confession. My favorite foods fall under the 9 most fattening foods on   If you want to get technical, I can’t resist French fries. In fact, I must admit I crave just about anything made of potatoes. I imagine I’m no different than any other westerner. I eat what tastes good. And fries, taste great especially doused in duck fat —try Orson at 508 4th Street. If you really are dying for duck fat. Wait, that’s not where I was going. Back to the best fries in SF.   After having tasted and judged the fries at many fine San Francisco restaurants, I’d have to say that the best fries are definitely at Paragon. The crisp golden brown fries showered with jerk spices are unbelievable. The medium cut beauties are perfectly soft from the inside with crunchy blunted ends to get that extra crips I love. For lunch the other day, I defiantly added the 6-ounce order of fries to my order after ordering a salad and water to keep the caloric intake low. So what’s the big deal if I took in 30grams of fat and 6 grams of saturated fat and a whopping 500 calories for the beloved fry? I don’t regret it one bit. I am pretty sure my pants are starting to regret it thought. I can feel the fries sitting around my hips pretty nicely. Hence, another day at the gym so I can freely eat a big bowl of fries on the weekend. Yes, hockey and French fries go pretty good together. I couldn’t fathom heading to the Sharks hockey games enjoying the food in the suite without binging on a few fries. After all, it is the finals and I am sure the Sharks are going to take the Stanley Cup.