Elizabeth Warren Dances Her Way Through Pride

This past weekend, thousands of participants marched in Boston’s 47th annual Pride Parade. Not taking the chance to miss out on the party, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren proudly made an appearance. The senator sported a flamboyantly feathered rainbow boa, and did not just walk alongside her constituents, but danced.

“I don't march in the Boston Pride Parade. I dance,” expressed the senator on her social media pages.

The senator has long been an active, outspoken leader in the fight for LGBTQ rights by supporting marriage equality and initiatives like the Employee Non-Discrimination Act, and the Transgender Equal Rights Bill.

In a separate social media post, the senator indicates just how important it is to her. “I love Pride. It may be my single most favorite day of the year. Because it’s the day we all come together to celebrate love.”

06/10/2017 Boston Ma- -2017 Orlando Pulse Survivors float at the Boston Pride Parade. Jonathan WiggsGlobe Staff Reporter

One of the parade’s most heartfelt moments shined the spotlight on a float that included 29 survivors from the Orlando Shooting. The shooting killed 49 people and wounded 58 a little more than a year ago on June 12, 2016, making it one of the most brutal in American history, and still a fresh wound for many. This makes the appearance and support of politicians like Warren even more significant.