How To Make The Perfect Cup Of Masala Chai

From a young age, I remember my mom asking me to make Chai anytime   we   had company. Offering Chai to anyone that enters your home is Indian custom, be it your friends, family, neighbors or your mailman. The offering is meant   as a sign of goodwill and welcoming.

Growing up, I remember making Chai numerous times a day- early morning before school and when I got home for school- Chai time. I must admit I started to dislike the whole Chai ritual. It felt like it was always Chai time or we always had company over and I was always stuck in the kitchen, making Chai.

Last year, I took a trip to India and started to appreciate the ritual of   Chai in a whole new way. Everywhere we went we were offered Chai. At first I would decline because   I enjoyed coffee much   more. When I realized that coffee tasted VERY different in India because most places had no idea how to make a good cup of joe, I was left with my old friend -Chai. I embraced the offering and gladly accepted.

Spices for Masala Chai

Staying in India, drinking Chai at least 4-5 times daily- I saw a new relationship building. When I got back to Canada, I found myself craving Chai all the time. Now, I have become the official Chai Maker in my family- after years of practice and now appreciation, I have come to love Chai and how it brings family together.

After years of practice, here is the recipe   that works every time!

Cardamom Pods

For 2 cups of chai:


1.  Bring 2  ½ cups water to a boil

2.  Add 1  ½ teaspoons of loose chai which is equivalent to 1-2 teabags

3.  1 tablespoon of crushed up Gurr (derived from Sugar cane)

4.  In a mortar and pestle crush up: 1 Cinnamon bark stick, 3 Green Cardamom pods, 3 Cloves, 1 teaspoon Fennel Seeds — add to the boiling water

5.  Let the tea boil for 5-7 minutes — this allows the flavors to infuse

6.  Add  ½ cup of milk and allow the tea to come to a boil. Once the chai begins to rise, turn the heat down and allow it to simmer for another 5-10 minutes.