Obama Says “Less Tests” In School!

Photo from USA Today

Photo from USA Today

The President of the United States Barack Obama wants to improve education in America. The USA is still globally ranked as average in educational attainment among 40 developed countries despite being a superpower. His proposal? Reduce the time spent on taking standardized tests. A study revealed in 2013 that for students in the Midwestern and Eastern school districts, a total of about 3-6 weeks of school are used to prepare and take  state-mandated tests. Obama also proposes that the country needs to find a way to "test smarter." He list three points:

  1. Only take tests that are worth taking.
  2. Tests should enhance teaching and learning.
  3. Tests should give an all-around look at how our students and schools are doing.

This may mean that testing may become more personalized, we have higher standards for teachers, and we take into account that each student learns information and skills differently. But testing does need to change somehow. There needs to be a better assessment and demonstration of kids' understanding of subject that goes beyond filling in the right bubble. We could learn a little more  from other countries about how to improve our education system so that our children are effectively learning, not studying, for future success.

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