The All Woman Project: “I Am All Woman”

Popular fashion and media has often categorized women by their physical attributes and ultimately deems certain women as the epitome of attractiveness, while all others fall short. Luckily, more sensible and open-minded ideas are becoming universal and many women are eager to promote the beauty in the diversity among women. Enter the All Woman Project. Created by models Clementine Desseaux and Charli Howard, the project brings together women of all shapes and colors to celebrate who they are and what makes them each a woman: “Our physical attributes do not define us as women; our strength and character does. All of this make us all woman.” The women in this project are beautiful and passionate for a more diverse representation of women in our fashion and media. In a way, the project further emphasizes their desire for diversity because it isn’t for any brand. In an interview, Desseaux explains that “it’'s like a campaign we'd dream of being featured in, but no brand would ever do. It's just like a big 'hello' to the industry. We exist. We're beautiful."

Check out the All Woman Project video below! #iamallwoman