11-Year-Old Yemeni Bride Exposes The World Of Child Marriages

Nada Al-Ahdal, an  11-year-old  Yemeni girl describes why she fled an arranged marriage. The child bride exposes the terrifying situation children her age, and sometimes younger,   face all over the world.   Her courageous defiance against her mother and her family is incredible as she says,   “I’m a human being and I’d rather die than get married at this age.” The video explains how she escaped despite the looming threat of being killed by her family. Even at the tender age of 11, Al-Ahdal may not know what innocence truly is, but she knows she will be robbed of it if she is to be married off.

The video is a reminder of all that still needs fixing. Why do we have little girls married off by their mothers? Their fathers? The family that is suppose to care and protect them. When societies allow children to be bought and sold like property, it's not only a failure for that community but a global failure. I hope this little girl inspires you to do something with your day, find some way to change the world you live in....after all she's doing it..and she's only 11.