Mira Veda – Founder/ Editor-In-Chief

Mira Veda,  Editor-In-Chief/Founder of Lipstick & Politics (L&P), entrepreneur, blogger and recording artist has dedicated herself to increasing the visibility of women through content and community.   Through Lipstick&Politics Mira frequently hosts dinners and Salons with the ambition of narrowing the gap between reader and content.   She is former Head of Communications at Connected Patents; a company focused on strategic IP development. She holds a B.A. Honors in Philosophy, B.A Honors in Mass Communications from York University. As an Artist/Songwriter, Mira has been on the   board of the Recording Academy (The Grammys) and co-chair of the membership committee. She is currently a voting member for The Grammys. She has also served on the on board of West Coast Songwriters. Mira is passionate about Fashion, TED, Music, Handbags, Shoes, Art, Media and has a deep respect for anyone who can use a semi-colon properly. @miraveda

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