Remembering Our Founding Mothers


Abigail Adams

Several years ago I gave my late grandmother a copy of Cokie Roberts' book, Founding Mothers. It's hardly an exhaustive biography, but Grandma's reading tastes tended towards Reader's Digest and I wasn't sure she'd be interested. Apparently I underestimated her. She zipped right through the large-print edition and started writing me letters with little comments about the book, "I knew about Abigail Adams and Martha Washington, of course, but I didn't know anything about Deborah Franklin."

On Independence Day let's take a moment to remember some of our Founding Mothers - without whom the Founding Fathers would have likely failed. Take time to tell your daughters about the amazing, life-long partnership between John and Abigail Adams; let them know that one of the great pamphleteers of the war was Mercy Otis Warren; learn about the generals' wives who traveled with the rag-tag army and tended to the wounded. On this Independence Day let's follow Abigail Adams advice to her husband and "remember the ladies."