Facebook and The Drama That Goes With It!

It started off in a school and exploded around the globe faster than anyone expected possible. From a computer, to our mobile phones, and now available directly from your television, Facebook has become accessible from anywhere and everywhere. Its played such a huge part of pop culture that people are basing their whole lives around it. Holding an event? Invite everyone your 'friends' with the easy clicks of a few buttons! Got something to sell? Set up an ad in the Marketplace! Want to talk to someone but don't have their digits? See if their online or send them a quick message! So much you can do that hours can go by without you even noticing. No wonder its one of the most addictive and high traffic sites in the world.

I remember when my sister had her first baby almost 4 years ago. It doesn't seem that long ago but these days when information moves a mile a minute, I guess it would be considered an eternity. When planning her baby shower, we called everyone who was going to come to RSVP and confirm their attendance. Back then this would be considered the norm but today, I hear advertisements on the CBC Radio saying 'tweet, like, email, or just old-fashion call us'. Now to me, sending a letter through the mail is old-fashioned but I guess being born in 1987 makes me old? Accessibility to methods of communication has indeed opened up many portals but are they really helping?

The never-ending list of invitations has singe-handedly turned off my attitude towards Facebook. The amount of spam messages I receive in my Inbox has overwhelmed me to the point where I check them MAYBE once every couple months. What I once considered to be useful tool has become more of a social network tornado. I can't keep up!

As mentioned before, some people can keep up and practically live on Facebook. An old friend of mine had a baby shower of her own last week and sent out an invitation for the event on Facebook. Now I don't check my account every day and certainly don't pay attention to the hundreds of invitations that get thrown my way, so hers was easily overlooked. I didn't receive a phone call, text, or email so I had no way of knowing about it. Finally when I checked my account, I saw that she posted up a status thanking everyone who came. When I spoke to her on chat, she was actually mad that I didn't come! I couldn't believe my eyes. Does Facebook rule our lives???

I for one am so sick of Facebook becoming our ONLY means of communication. Just because you've added someone on Facebook doesn't mean you're friends. If you really care about someone, pick up the phone and call them, leave them a message so they hear your actual voice, and maybe, just MAYBE, you'll get your message through to them.