A Place To Sit.

Creating a place to work and creative space for ideas takes thoughtful selection of things in your physical surroundings. I have tried many times to transform my space with placement of objects in certain places, hoping that I am using the space with purpose.   Sometimes, on my bad days, I get lost in the disarray of papers surrounding my desk, the computer keyboard, nicknacks of crap just hoarding space around my desk and so on. It's the frustrations that sets the dream in motion, I start to wonder what a perfect harmonious work space would look like?   In my better days, everything is in order, the books are not overstuffed on my bookshelf, the brown velvet curtains hide just enough of the sun to remind me of the beauty of the park outside my window. Everything just flows. The ideas come, the off white walls are warmer and everything is beautiful. Even so, I wish..I wish..I wish. I could run away to some of these places to write or even plop down to read a good book...

I can see myself, sitting and reading for hours...

How could this not be appealing? It looks perfect.

I love the thought of a window and a workdesk

There is something so incredibly appealing about looking outside while you work. The sounds, colors and light of the outdoors sends a whole different dream in motion. Work becomes meditative and it is now a space of wonder.

Beauty where you work.

If you find me here someday, don't be too surprised.

Finding that space inside ourselves, the life force, that moment of 'now' is what some of us search for. As an artist, I am seeking that moment. A transformative   action that will help me create richer deeper more profound art. It is all the process of finding my space. The space that will inspire me to dig into the reservoir of my spiritual connections with the world around me.

Love and Peace for your weekend.

Mira. xo