A Simple Tool For Mind And Emotional Control

Written by guest contributor, Akasha Meriamen

As a woman who is recovering from random anxiety attacks, dealing with annoying moments of frustration and an overly active mind that refused to focus, I feel the need to share one of the simplest techniques of addressing these issues. For many, this practice can heighten focus and create an instant sense of inner peace and at any given moment throughout the day. You do not need to purchase anything or move into a quiet space. No need to see a therapist or enroll in any programs. All you need is the ability to breathe deeply. This is a quick and easy way to change your mindset, attitude and the way you feel in a matter of minutes. With practice, it will only take seconds.

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Throughout the world, many varied spiritual practices - Yoga, various meditations, rituals, mantras, energy healing, and magic - have one thing in common. They all emphasize the importance of the breath. A sense of centered calmness, relaxation, a focused mind and clarity are just a few of the benefits from something as simple as taking a deep breath in and out. As important as breathing is for all of us, most people forget to do it and are barely conscious that they are not taking full breathes. Improper breathing is an unhealthy habit that most of us have created. Many times we are taking shallow breaths, which keep stale air trapped in our bodies.

The power of proper breathing to impart an improved sense of wellbeing has been proven effective time and time again. The key to truly creating successful change through spiritual practices and use of the breath is to actively make them part of who you are all of the time. Becoming conscious of how you are breathing is the first step. Often times , we may find ourselves thinking too much and even feeling distracted. In such situations, we would benefit by starting with slow deep breaths. The mind will start to empty the useless chatter, allowing for more clarity and peace of mind.

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Proper breathing clears the energy channels of the body,moving blockages and negative energy. It keeps us centered and calm when we feel frustrated, angry, and overly reactive to our environment. With every inhale, we nourish the body with more energy , since breathing allows us to connect to the wind element which carries chi/energy. With practice, we learn to take ourselves into an instant state of light meditation whether we are moving around or being still.

Let’s walk through this. You find yourself in a situation where you feel overwhelmed and need to make very important decisions, so clarity is needed. Stop yourself right away and immediately begin taking deep long inhalations through the nose and out the mouth. As you exhale, imagine all of your thoughts and worries being released. Another option is, as you inhale, imagine the energy moving from the base of your spine, up your back, to the top of your head and down the front of your body reaching the perineum. Repeat seven times or until you feel relaxed.

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The cool thing about these simple techniques is they are extremely convenient. You can do this anywhere, anytime, at any moment. This way you will begin to appear and be more in control of your emotions, thoughts, feelings and reactions. Create change in your inner world through remembering the life enhancing benefits of breathing.

Akasha Meriamen is a spiritual mastery mentor, writer and the Creator of Goddess on the Move. Goddess on the Move is dedicated to motivating and guiding women through their mind, body, spirit evolution. With a degree in Sociology from Georgia State University, Akasha is a free spirit who has a true love for culture, traveling, dance, nature and spirituality. She has traveled to over six countries in which she documented this amazing spiritual journey on her blog www.goddessonthemove.com. Akasha enjoys inspiring women to fully express their inner greatness in their own unique way.