Confidence is Victory

When I first heard of Lipstick and Politics in 2008, its slogan alone got me instantly interested. “Intelligence is Sexy”. Simple and powerful. Bold. Everything I stand for and represent as a young woman. Three words that capture the essence of all I believe and feel passionate about. I was fortunate enough to be raised around strong, independent women and these three words set off a spark within the deep crevices of my soul. When the opportunity came up to write for the site, I was shocked, flattered, and utterly excited. Finally I could have a voice (other than my singing voice) and actually communicate with women on an authentic, more intimate level.

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With the fact that I've been absent from writing in the last little while, I wanted to make my next message a powerful one for the simple fact that I am proud to be a part of Lipstick and Politics and the next generation of woman in red shoes. This past weekend I had the chance to spend some time with the ladies at Lipstick and Politics for a photo shoot. I found myself surrounded by some of the classiest, most confident group of women I've had the pleasure to be in the presence of in a long time. I can't tell you how refreshing it was to feel genuine support, love, and admiration. Even in my absence for the past few months, being with them brought me right back to speed on what it feels like to be surrounded by strength. Women hold more power than we give ourselves credit for. This weekend reinforced something very significant for me: Regardless of what age or stage you're at in life, always try to stay connected with at least one woman that you care about. It is one of the strongest, most pure of bonds.

Lipstick and Politics is not just a website. It's a place where women can come to talk, ask, or vent about absolutely anything they want to. A judgement-free zone. An endless waterfall of love. A support group, discussion board, and center of peace. No more reading about powerful women in books or magazines. Now women seeking inspiration can directly chat with women of power. The line of segregation has been cracked and finally we can come together in celebration. I always felt like a had a small voice growing up and now my voice can resonate to the whole world! Best of all, no more feeling alone.

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Far too often I see woman alienating themselves in situations and relationships which then distort their personalities into these brittle, weak individuals who lack a backbone. I understand during childhood some elements may have been lacking but wouldn't it feel great to stick your chest out proud and say ' I made it regardless!'? Take control of your future by first giving yourself permission to feel great about yourself, starting with the present moment.

Ladies, please stop picking at yourselves in front of the mirror about how you wish your nose was smaller, legs were thinner, or your boobs were bigger. Celebrate the very fact that you are a woman! If you've found yourself in a situation that has made you feel less than 100% the intelligent and strong woman you are, I want you to look at yourself in the mirror, stare deep into the center of your eyes, and say out loud “I AM BEAUTIFUL”. Don't take your eyes off yourself for at least a minute and keep repeating the statement “I AM BEAUTIFUL. I AM BEAUTIFUL”. Each time you say the phrase, feel every word form from the air in your lungs, to the vibrations in your voice box, and out through your mouth. Say it slow and really mean it. Do this exercise at least once a week and slowly your key to success will build. Confidence is smart and sexy and this idea is one that starts with you. Only you can project this.

The unfortunate reality at times is that women can be their own worst enemies; sometimes confidence comes with a catch and jealousy has a lovely way of manifesting itself. Lets not forget not too long ago we were fighting for our rights. People, both men and women, may try to shoot you down, tell you your not good enough, and that you'll never be anything. Did J.K. Rowling anticipate she would have millions of followers when she first came up with the idea of Harry Potter? I am sure people thought she was crazy! For every 1 person that believed in her, she had 10 people who didn't. But something burned and itched inside her and she had to let it out and most importantly, believe in herself enough to write the books. Take it from



This video is a perfect example of the web of support Lipstick and Politcs offers.

This weekend was an eye opener for me. Having such loving and accepting feminine energy around made me feel so happy. Being of East Indian decent, wearing tight-fitted clothing, let alone a small dress isn't easily accepted in my culture, but I didn't feel at all judged or uncomfortable during the photo shoot. Whether it's throwing a dress on every now and then, wearing your hair a different way, or putting on some lip gloss, or just walking with some swag in your step, do something to boost your confidence level when you walk out of the house. If you do, you will be unstoppable ladies! Don't rely on anyone to make you happy, buy you things, or support your lifestyle.

Raise your fist, toast your glass, and celebrate the very fact that you are a woman! To all my L&P followers, this one's for YOU! It's good to be back!