Do You Have The Perfect Body?

Everyday, we see images of people who have the ideal body. And because these pictures bombard us through adverting and marketing, we are told this is the standard of beauty and healthiness. This skinny, medium breasted, tiny waist big hipped body is the kind of body that  every woman should have to be considered perfect. So, you don't have this body? You are taught to believe that you're not perfect then.

But what if we told you that  you have the perfect body?  

Would you believe us?

Your body is perfect and beautiful because it is yours. You have one body and one life. It's with your body that you experience your happiest of moments, your most difficult trials, the changing of the world, the change in yourself. The body you have may change over time, but it's supposed to change. The body you have is different from everyone else's, but it's supposed to be different. The body you have is imperfect, but the media makes that to be a bad thing and it isn't a bad thing. Your body is not a bad thing. Your body is what enables you to feel life, meet people, and see the world. Without it, you wouldn't be here. So love your body. You are beautiful.


Photo by Taryn Brumfitt

Photo by Taryn Brumfitt


That's what the Body Image Movement by Taryn Brumfitt is trying to advocate to women around the world. She's well-known because of the before-and-after picture she posted (shown above), the before picture featuring her bodybuilding self and the after picture featuring her now. She is smiling in both pictures, but the after picture better expresses her love for her body. The before picture was her attempt to love her body based on the standards presented to her and when she met those standards, she still felt completely unsatisfied with her body. Brumfitt has now started a worldwide movement to change "the ideals of beauty." She's working to make a documentary as well, so check out her video below and be part of the movement. Remember: love your body.