End Of Something. Reflections On 2014.

"Reflect on the world that you carry within yourself. And name this thinking what you wish...Your inner most happening is worth all your love." - Rilke.


The end of the year, like the end of anything, comes with it a very special gift. Reflection. The tremendous impressions of the past define not only who you are, but who you will become. The experience of merging your past into the present moment somehow redeems your choices. Good or bad. Hindsight is transformative. What felt like it could paralyze and destroy you begins to shape your destiny. Eventually, it starts to look like fate.


Looking back at the tapestry of your evolving being is an opportunity to understand that obstacles and challenges were a map for learning more about who your are and what’s important to you. They say if you want to know what   someone’s priorities are, look at what they do. Last year, did you take care of the small, hardly noticeable things that often unexpectedly become the most important things? Where did you put your time, your love, your energy? Did you spend time with people you love or were you chasing things that didn't really matter?


The end of something is always the beginning of another thing. Saying goodbye is often marred with bittersweet departure. The new and exciting awaits while the old is a comfortable refuge from the uncertainty of the murky unknown. But how beautiful it is to cap off   the year with   reflective self-awareness. To allow it to pass away with ritual and celebration. I believe all things should get such a departure.

I have one small New Year wish for you in 2015. May you love the insignificant. In the small, insignificant moments, momentous things happen. It's the tiniest actions that signify love, generosity, and compassion be it a smile or moment for a stranger. As, John Wooden said, “It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

Sending love and hope you have a Happy New Year!