I Think I Think Too Much

"We always hear that we should think before we speak. But maybe that's our problem: We think so much, that nobody says ANYTHING, and we're all sitting around like goons, waiting for someone to talk."

- Kelsey Corby, 14 years old

Photo courtesy of Scarleth White

Kelsey is my genius Little Sister (Big Brothers Big Sisters: www.bbbs.org). She is so far beyond her years in her heart and her beautiful mind. During a recent conversation, Kelsey I were talking about how to get your point across to someone when you're afraid of what the reaction will be. We talked about how the best approach might be to say exactly what you want to say, based on how you're feeling, and let go of your expectation of the reaction. This way, you are being completely honest and truthful. But this is not an easy thing to do.

I think Kelsey is majorly on to something. She said that we are always reminded to think before we speak, for fear of hurting someone's feelings or having your point come out the wrong way. Because of this FEAR, we often end up digging an even deeper hole by stifling ourselves and getting nervous about others' perceptions and reactions.

When we have something going on that we need to express in some way, maybe that's the time when we have to get our brain out of the way and simply feel.

I recently followed a good friend's advice and started meditating daily. It's incredible to have thoughts come up, that I didn't even know were there. I've been feeling calmer and more centered, and I've been FEELING more altogether.

When we know we have to express something important to someone, letting go of our expectation of that person's reaction, and then letting our heart do the talking could be all that we need.


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