Clean Your Worries Away

Cleaning has been proven to be extremely therapeutic. The first thing that comes to mind when I think about this is the cliché of the frustrated woman scrubbing the floor in anger. That’s because there is actually some truth in this. Instead of yelling at her kids or spouse, she is releasing that pent up energy through physical work.   In my experience, I notice that when I neglect my surroundings and let things around the house or work get uncontrollably messy, I can’t seem to think clearly or focus on one task. My mind is everywhere! I’m always thinking about the other things I need to get done or get started. The end result is usually the same: it takes way too long to finish what I’ve started, or it doesn’t get done at all.

Let’s face it; most of us don’t like cleaning. When you need to clean the stove or bathroom, who out of all of you reading this says, “Oh hooray! I have been waiting to do this all week!” I’m guessing maybe a handful if I’m lucky! So why do we do it?   Even if on the surface we feel like we’re not getting anything out of it, cleaning can be more than just wiping, dusting, and folding clothes. Living in a tidy environment is soothing and puts our minds at rest. Think about it: after a long day at work, do you feel more relaxed when you come home to a neat home or to one that is full of clutter and chaos?

Just as our bodies are made of energy matter and have a specific vibrational frequency, so are all the things in our households. The misplaced chair you used when reaching the top shelf, the blender you left out after making a smoothie, and even the shoes you took off when you first got home. If you have ever heard of Feng Shui, these misplaced items disturb the flow of energy in your home.   All these little things can add up and by the end of the week or month, your house may be ready to be interviewed for the hit TV series “Hoarders.” OK -   maybe it is not that bad…but you get my point.

Cleaning has been proven to release built-up energy through performing repetitive, physical tasks that allow you to think about the things that have been eating away at your mind over and over. Most of us even come up with a solution! Stimulating the physical body also stimulates the mind. It allows one to see what is important and what’s not. It helps you discern whether your stress is worth beating yourself up over or just something you’ve created into a huge ordeal.

This time to myself gives me the ability to focus on whatever I want. There is a certain satisfaction that comes along with cleaning, especially when you can manage to pay close attention to detail. Each item you put away is like clearing ideas that have been on your mind. It is much like clearing up your computer desktop of files and folders you don’t use every day. It gets them out of sight and out of mind. If you have every experienced meditation, you are aware your mind is a tool and like a muscle: if you waste it on repetitive, unproductive thoughts, it can lose its purpose.

Cleaning gets your hands and body busy so you can let your mind wander and come up with thoughts that you haven’t drummed up in the past, all while getting your place looking its best! Taking that time out of your day and dedicating it to the lovely place you call home can only benefit you. You’ll develop a deeper love for yourself and the place you live.