Ego Check

Written by Guest Contributor, Akasha Meriamen

Like many people, if you would have told me a few years ago I had a big ego or needed an “ego check,” I would have denied it. I was constantly open to personal development and figured I was so far from egotistical As far as I was concerned I had my Ego under control.

Photo courtesy of Celine Nadeau

The ego can be defined as the central core to the human mind, and its natural instinct is self-preservation. The ego is the sense of self-importance that we feel. This can lead to putting oneself above others, which can cause someone to be arrogant and delusional. If the ego gets out of hand the person is considered egotistical.

About two years into my spiritual journey I met a woman I consider to be a spiritual twin. She was the biggest reflection of me I have come across so far. Unfortunately, when I first met her, she seemed egotistical at times. While she admitted to working on her Ego it still created a bit of a challenge in our friendship at first. Caring about our friendship and knowing there was a deeper meaning to this, I decided to take a long hard look, deep within myself, to see why I attracted this situation into my life.

I realized she was my mirror reflecting back to me various aspects of myself, which is why it bothered me so much. Mirrors expose truth and never lie. I had never realized just how much my Ego had been influencing my life. Ego was blocking me from allowing my Higher Self to speak.

When the ego mind is imbalanced it is tricky and, at times, a highly deceiving lower aspect of ourselves. It is so sneaky that you do not even realize that it showed up. This makes it challenging to distinguish if ideas, emotions, thoughts and beliefs are coming from the Higher Self or the Ego. The Ego likes to take center stage and completely steal the show. Until you become more aware of yourself it usually goes undetected. It is always trying to find a way to sneak up on you creating delusions that seem so real you buy in to it.

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Now, the challenge comes in with understanding. What is a healthy Ego and what is not? Contrary to popular belief, Ego is not all bad. Matter of fact we have one because it is a necessary part of our experience in what many call the matrix. Matrix meaning the false reality or world we live in that is filled with many illusions and disconnected from nature. It is a material world.

The Ego is connected to the logical mind and, when healthy, it can serve as a survival tool that acts as your protector when needed. But this must be balanced with intuition to get the complete package. Intuition serves as a guide allowing you to properly feel out situations, people, places and things affectively. It always reveals the truth in all things. Intuition is the inner knowing.

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An unhealthy Ego impedes your spiritual growth, makes you inflexible and closed minded. It can become so protective that you lack trust, and put up barriers that keep you from experiencing higher vibrational love, joy, peace and prosperity. With an unhealthy ego comes fear, being self-absorbed and devoted to one’s own interest. When inflated it may create a need to feel or be of high importance and always trying to prove yourself to others. One may become controlling, lack humility, take opinions personal, or do things for recognition.

Balance is Key here. When Ego is balanced you can better connect to your intuition and be more in-tune with the Higher Self. The Higher Self being your direct connection to Source is the authority, the decision maker. The Ego’s role is to be supportive of the Higher Self. Combining a balanced Ego, strong intuition, with connection to Higher Self brings together the spiritual and physical, opening the door for a flow of higher wisdom. This balance also allows many spiritual gifts and abilities to be used properly. This will empower your decision making and overall life experience.

Distinguishing between your Higher Self and Ego requires keen awareness and complete honesty with yourself. Paying attention to thoughts, feelings, emotions and reactions in every situation goes a long way. The way we react to people or situations is an obvious indicator of whether Ego is running the show. Awareness is the first step to making change.

Akasha Meriamen is a spiritual mastery mentor, writer and the Creator of Goddess on the Move. Goddess on the Move is dedicated to motivating and guiding women through their mind, body, spirit evolution. With a degree in Sociology from Georgia State University, Akasha is a free spirit who has a true love for culture, traveling, dance, nature and spirituality. She has traveled to over 6 countries in which she documented this amazing spiritual journey on her blog Akasha enjoys inspiring women to fully express their inner greatness in their own unique way.