Giving Thanks

First, I want to give immense thanks to the concept of Thanksgiving. It’s a great idea. Taking a moment to really be introspective about all the people and things I love, I am in so much gratitude to my life, my family and close friends. A very dear friend said to me just the other day, “our point zero in life is 100%...we start with so much”. I could not agree more. My day is only dragged down by petty problems, misunderstandings, inconveniences and missed opportunities…yeah..that is all I really have to complain about.

I have more than enough love, money, food, shelter…and yes shoes. So, I have deep gratitude.

I want to thank you in particular - every one of my friends and family. You guys hold me up. I know I probably don’t see you as much as I want to. You're busy, I’m busy…and I wish for far more for us because I know that this is a really, really short life. I know that because I have seen it pass too quickly for so many I love. In fact, someone close to me just passed away which prompted a whole new vigor to accept and release. Accept the way people are; don’t take it personally because it doesn’t really matter in the big picture. Does it? And release the need to be right. Who cares anyways? If people see your kindness as weakness it says more about them than you. Doesn’t it?

While giving thanks, I must also say my piece about what Thanksgiving really is…

As I sort the myth from fact about Thanksgiving Day, the popularized celebration of two cultures embracing one another in a compassionate dinner brimming with food and wine, I wonder about the polarity of truth and reality.

Yes. I said it; it is dichotomy, what is actual and what is perceived. And so many of my entrepreneurial friends tell me, perception is everything. So, here we have a long history of Pilgrims slaughtering the Natives which is a sad fact, but the perception, the story we are taught in school, is vastly different. The pilgrims seated with large turkeys and mounds of food, peacefully coexisting with the Natives is really just a glamorized commercial plug.

Don’t get me wrong; I am not pessimistic about Thanksgiving. I am only sick of the agglomeration of images, words and events that say one thing when the reality is far different.

And I say this only because I know from personal experience (and many have been privy to my  story), but for those of you who don't know it, it's going to take some stiff drinks to get through it...well for me anyway. 
When perception is shattered and TRUTH emerges...boy what a sense of freedom. Having said that,   I can still love Thanksgiving...Knowing the truth about it...which I think is a deeper love. Don’t you?

Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving...Giving Thanks.