I have this neurotic habit of writing notes and hanging on to them in fear that I might forget an idea or a thought. I'll frantically jot something down on whatever I can find: a gum wrapper, a piece of cardboard, a receipt or an old magazine and shove what I've written into the first drawer I see. Then, months down the road -usually when I'm looking for something completely unrelated, I'll stumble across one that catches my eye. These discoveries are usually followed with an "oh yeaaahhh" moment or in the case where I find an ex-boyfriends phone number, they're followed by a "trip to the shredder" moment.

I've mitigated this routine by maintaining a list of notes in my Blackberry. It acts as a temporary Band-Aid in maintaining my sanity all the while feeling the same way most people do about e-book readers: digital is not the same as the real thing. So, until I'm featured on an episode of TLC's "Hoarders", I'll consider a transformation. For now, I would like to share a note that I found in my kitchen drawer last night while looking for a pair of scissors.

I'd jotted it down while Dianne Buckner spoke at the ACTE Conference back in November. Now, I can't quite remember whether she was referring to women in business or just business people in general, but what she had to say was extremely important to me. As a Canadian television journalist and host of Venture and Dragons' Den on CBC; she is a phenomenal writer, producer and a talented speaker. As an entrepreneur, mother and wife, this woman is a total knock-out in my eyes.

While trying to keep up with the speaking, I wrote this down fairly quickly but you get the idea. Here are the top ten characteristics of a successful, grounded business person:

10. They know how to get people to say yes.

9.   They are comfortable talking about their strengths and are humble about their confidence.

8.     They know that tough times can be good times.

7.     They're very aware of the world around them and trends in terms of culture,     technology and the environment.

6.     They know when to be brief.

5.     They know their weaknesses.

4.     They proceed very cautiously; they don’t take risks- they manage them.

3.     They work really hard and do what it takes.

2.     They don’t work too hard. They achieve a personal life balance.

1.     They are persistent and refuse to take no for an answer! They are committed, determined and make use of all their resources.

Maybe my habit isn't so neurotic considering that some of these notes do come in handy after all! I love nothing more than picking up pointers from the experts themselves; now if only they could give me advice on what to do with all those old phone numbers? 😉 Cheers everyone!